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My name is Amber Moss and I have been wrapping hair for over 20 years....

When I was a young teenager, I met a girl who had her hair wrapped on holiday. It wasn't very common back then in the UK (this was 1990). I was fascinated and practised with my Mother's embroidery cotton until I cracked it.

Friends at school were eager for me to wrap their hair, and the more hair wraps I made, the better I became.

Shortly after, I set up a little stall that I would work from at weekends in my local town to make some pocket money.

Fast forward over 25 years, and I have wrapped hair at beaches, fairs and festivals all over the U.K.

I have wrapped at large corporate and promotional events, and my hair wraps have even been featured on a Bafta award-winning B.B.C programme. 

Making and selling hair wraps from home has allowed me the flexibility to set my own hours, all the while indulging me my passion for making hair wraps.

I want to give my customers a quality, handcrafted product that is also respectful of the environment. That is why I no longer use plastic beads in my hair wraps. I now use sustainable materials such as glass and wood.

All materials used in my charms are ethically, and where possible, locally sourced. All packaging is recyclable, biodegradable, and made from recycled products where possible.

Read more about my ethical policy HERE.

I would like our customers to know that they are buying a product that is made with love for the environment, and is personal just to them.